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IT Services

eJobber IT Services – the right choice for growth hungry organizations.

Many of today's businesses are looking to outsource their IT. And with good reason: Instead of concerning themselves with technical issues, they can focus their attention on their core business. When a business outsources its IT, it becomes a service that can be budgeted and purchased on demand.

 Today’s competitive environment demands an ever-growing business approach. Unfortunately it’s an uphill task to keep the equilibrium between IT infrastructure costs and core business growth. Fortunately the option to outsource your IT infrastructure to a dedicated external team is always there. By outsourcing your IT, you make it a service which can be easily budgeted, purchased and released, on demand!

Key Benefits:

  • You specify your needs and forget about the finer details. Your IT staff no longer has to worry about running their infrastructure, making them available for strategic tasks.
  • You specify the budget and have the key to scale up or down.
  • eJobber’s enthusiastic IT specialists will take the stress away from your shoulders, help you grow and celebrate your success.

 We offer two main IT services:

Collaboration Services

With our Collaborative Service we work along with your existing IT team in a divide and conquer manner. You specify our role and we do our best to do justice to it. We can serve as an extension to your existing network but we are always there to help you when and where needed.

Outsourced Services

With an outsourced model we take control of all your hassles and make sure you always have 100% uptime. You only pay for the service you use and the SLA agreed. You can outsource from anything to everything. Demanding day-to-day activities can brutally affect your IT department’s capability to support your business. By Outsourcing your IT you can lessen the overall stress on your IT department and improve your growth potential at a fraction of the cost.

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