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Systems Management, 50-99 users, 1 Year, GOV RNW


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Kaspersky Systems Management
IT productivity & efficiency tools.
- Patch and vulnerability management;
- IT asset management & OS deployment;
- Remote troubleshooting.

By automating regular IT administration tasks and giving your business far greater visibility and control over its computing assets Kaspersky Systems Management leaves your team with more time to focus on other business priorities.

One solution for multiple IT management tasks
Because Kaspersky Systems Management combines a wide range of configuration, provisioning, patch management and network admission functions, theres no need to buy, run, integrate and maintain several separate management products that may require multiple, incompatible control consoles.

Quick to deploy and easy to manage saves time and money
Kaspersky Systems Management is preconfigured ready to start work as soon as its installed on your network.

Protecting your business against vulnerabilities
By providing you with centralised control over the patching of operating system and application vulnerabilities plus control over whether individual devices are granted access to corporate data Kaspersky Systems Management also adds further layers of protection for your business.

Grows with your business
Many other systems management solutions offer limited scalability so, as your business grows, you could be faced with having to spend time and money assessing new applications, migrating to another product and then retraining your staff. No matter what size your organisation is, Kaspersky Systems Management scales to accommodate increased demands.

Add mobile device management (MDM) when you need to
Flexible configuration tools let you control which applications can be run on the mobile device. Youre free to create and enforce different policies for specific groups or individual users within the business.

Designed for Windows-based networks, Kaspersky Systems Management helps you to cover a wide range of IT administration tasks.

Patch and vulnerability management
Kaspersky Systems Management can automatically identify vulnerabilities and then distribute the necessary patches to help maintain the stability and security of your systems.

Vulnerability scanning
Your entire corporate network can be automatically scanned for vulnerabilities that result from unpatched applications and operating systems.

Vulnerability databases
Kaspersky Systems Management works with the Microsoft WSUS database and Kasperskys own database of vulnerabilities.

Prioritise patching
Detailed reports can be generated to identify which patches require immediate attention.

Synchronised updates
Kaspersky Systems Management can regularly synchronise data on available Microsoft updates and hotfixes and then distribute them across your network.

Downloading patches
For other applications, information about new patches is downloaded from Kasperskys servers. If an update is not included, the administrator can add it manually.

Asset management hardware, software & licences
Without total visibility of all of your hardware and software assets, your ability to manage and control your IT estate can be severely hampered.

Hardware inventory management
All devices on the network are automatically discovered and recorded in a hardware inventory.

Software inventory management
A software inventory details all software on your network so administrators can control software usage or block unauthorised applications.

Licence planning
With information on purchased licences and expiry dates, the software inventory helps to enable centralised licence provisioning and the tracking of licence lifecycles.

Operating system (OS) deployment
Kaspersky Systems Management automates the creation and cloning of computer images to save you time and help to optimise OS deployment.

Giving you control and consistency
Images are held in a special inventory ready to be accessed during deployment.

Flexible and convenient
Client workstation image deployment can be made with either PXE servers (Preboot eXecution Environment) that have been previously used on the network or using Kaspersky Systems Managements own features.

Save time and effort on Windows 8 migration
In addition to your everyday Windows deployment tasks, Kaspersky Systems Management can help to simplify migration to Windows 8.

Application provisioning
Kaspersky Systems Management helps to optimise the distribution of application software and the software deployment process is totally transparent to your users.

Flexible deployment of software
Choose between deploying software at your command or scheduling it for after office hours.

Modify installation packages
For some installers, administrators can specify additional parameters in order to customise the software package that is installed.

Remote troubleshooting and deployment
With remote access to any computer on your network, Kaspersky Systems Management helps to ease the load on administrators and reduce network traffic.

Remote troubleshooting
By enabling secure, remote connections to any desktop or client computer, Kaspersky Systems Management helps you to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Optimise traffic on your network
When deploying new or updated software at a remote office, one local workstation can act as the update agent for the entire office to enable remote deployment with less traffic on your network.

Network Admission Control (NAC)
When anyone brings a device to your site, Kaspersky Systems Management can protect against malware being introduced into your network.

Guest admission you set the policy
Devices are automatically discovered. Employees devices are checked for compliance with your security policy and visitors devices can be denied access to your network.

Granting access to the Internet not your corporate systems
A special, password-protected Captive Portal can give visitors Internet access.

Applications inside Kaspersky Systems Management:
- Kaspersky Security Center (including Systems Management).

Number of years1 year(s)
License typeGovernment (GOV) license
Software typeRenewal
License level purchase required50 - 99
System requirements
Minimum hard disk space2000 MB
Minimum RAM512 MB
Minimum processor speed1000 MHz
Windows operating systems supportedYes
Mac operating systems supportedYes
Linux operating systems supportedYes
64-bit computingYes
Minimum system requirementsNET Framework 2.0
IE 7.0+
Firefox 16+
Technical details
64-bit computingYes
Other features
Compatible operating systemsWindows 8
Windows 7 Professional
Windows 7 Enterprise
Windows 7 Ultimate
Windows Vista SP1
Windows XP Professional SP2
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2003 R2
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2012
Windows SBS 2003
Windows SBS 2008
Windows SBS 2011
Fedora 16
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 SP2
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 Server
Debian GNU/Linux 6.0.5
Mandriva Linux 2011
Ubuntu Desktop 10.04 LTS
Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS
OpenSUSE Linux 12.2
Mac OS X 10.4
Mac OS X 10.5
Mac OS X 10.6
64-bit computingYes
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