Why Technology Surge in Demand During coronavirus UK Lockdown

Why Technology Surge in Demand During UK Lockdown

Posted by Emelia on 2/23/2021 to Update
Why Technology Surge in Demand During UK Lockdown
Ever since the Coronavirus UK Lockdown has started, the technology that was thought to be obsolete and was poised to be superseded by a better alternative has undergone what’s called a “turn of tables”. Due to the pandemic, the world is moving towards automation, and any technology that helps the cause is being leveraged by various industries across the globe. This includes devices like barcode readers, video conferencing systems, presentation systems, graphics cards etcetera. With that being said, here is a description of why some technologies have undergone a post-covid-19 surge in demand in some specific industries.

 Barcode readers: While the Coronavirus is around, it is not feasible for manufacturing industries to entirely rely on human labor. Because of this, they have to deploy technologies that may help them become somewhat unmanned. For manufacturing industries, devices like Barcode readers, QR scanners, and label printers are of colossal importance. With Automation being the order of the day, manufacturing industries have to reassign a lot of stuff that humans used to do, to machines like barcode scanners and label printers. This enables them to monitor and keep track of their asset effectively without violating SOPs and posing any threat of Corona's pervasion. So the coerced trend of automation has marked a rise in demand for otherwise passé technology like barcode readers and label printers.

 Large Format Printers: Large format print marketing continues to be a powerful tool for businesses across the globe. Creative approaches to advertising with signs and banners continue to develop. As coronavirus has thwarted the production of enticing television ads with beautiful supermodels by forcing lockdowns, large format print marketing and advertising are proving to be even more potent than before. Graphics designers create captivating colorful banners and posters using large format printers to advertise for businesses in the pandemic and it works quite well. Another thing that has boosted the market of large format printers is the corona awareness campaigns. Different brands have been utilizing large format printers to print sneeze screens, floor graphics, window graphics, and outdoor promotional signage to keep their staff and customers safe. The governments have also been hanging banners and posters across the cities to spread awareness about the virus. All this has led to an increase in demand for large format printers and has boosted their market. 

Video Conferencing Systems: The pandemic has compelled us to embrace the technology that was often overlooked. Take video calling for instance and think about how neglected it has been over the past years. All these social distancing protocols have made us realize that no matter how out-dated video calling may seem, it does make a difference. People are adapting to a post-COVID world, with social distancing orders having compelled them to find alternatives to face-to-face meetings. As a result, video conferencing has never been more popular. With schools, offices, and businesses using video conferencing systems as an alternative for in-person interactions, there has been a substantial surge in the demand for video conferencing systems across the globe. More people are now appreciating the existence of video calling technology than ever.

Wide Screen Computer Monitors: The increasing acceptance of the work from the home norm has caused people to purchase more sophisticated equipment to make the experience of working from home as immersive as possible. Nowadays, a better display system is analogous to a better working experience. Due to this, Wide Screen Computer Monitors are really finding their way to the top of their market. They provide better video communication with riveting resolutions of 4K and 8K which really ramps up the whole working experience. Also, the fact that people are compelled to stay in-doors has caused them to seek all the entertainment at their homes. Whether it is gaming or Netflix and chill, wide-screen computer monitors provide exhilarating entertainment to their users. So as a result, Wide Screen Monitors, which at one time were thought to be luxurious, have now become must-have equipment for enchanting work experiences. This has led to a rise in the demand for these monitors and has uplifted their market.
 Graphics cards: A graphics card is the heart of a gaming pc. An office PC might work fine with built-in graphics power, but if you want to do any serious gaming, a dedicated graphics card (GPU) is a must. With everyone having ample spare time in quarantine, there has been an increase in the number of gamers and video game streamers across the world. Video game streamers, on platforms like twitch and YOUTUBE, are now getting more viewers than ever. In addition, there is also an increase in the number of online multiplayer gaming tournaments conducted by the gaming industry. In a nutshell, whether it’s recreational or competitive, gaming is really becoming main-stream. This post corona boost in interest for gaming across the globe has brought about an increase in the demand for graphics cards which are a requisite for high-end gaming. Presentation Systems: Businesses and Institutions are moving towards digitalization. In this Corona World, Presentation systems are an integral part of online conferences and meetings. They provide a brilliant way of communicating work-related information with great efficacy especially when in-person interaction is out of the question. Whether you’re an employer who wants to discuss the sales of a product with your employees or a physics teacher who wants to explain some phenomenon to the students, a good presentation system provides you with a potent way of delivering information through the Web. All these facts make it necessary for big businesses and organizations to own a state-of-the-art presentation system. So, due to their dire need, there is a substantial escalation in the demand for presentation systems across the globe which has positively affected their market.

 VoIP phones: As governments worldwide have imposed lockdowns to preclude the pervasion of the Coronavirus, more and more employees now have to work from home. We all know that for work, Communication is everything. So, the compulsion of working from home has caused people to adopt good communication systems like the VoIP systems. VoIP phones allow one to make calls over the internet. These phones also come with many other features like video calling and conference calls. Many Schools and educational sectors have adopted the VoIP systems for online classes. Health workers and doctors are using these phones in their training and meetings. All of this has marked a surge in demand for these phones across the globe and has impacted their market positively.

 Headphones: Headphones are a must-have piece of equipment especially for people who work from home. Good audio quality is necessary for a lucrative online meeting. Top-quality Headphones help in providing an immersive work from home experience. Particularly the headphones with noise-canceling ability help employees seclude their minds from a noisy household environment and help them focus on work. Also with people having plenty of spare time in lockdowns, Gaming and binging movies/shows have become their regular pastimes. These pastimes also require good quality headphones for exciting experiences. So, there has been a global increase in interest in buying headphones which have brought about a positive impact on their market.

Conclusion: So, the long and short of it is that along with transforming our lives, the pandemic has completely altered the realm of supply and demand around the globe. These special times have altered the supply by changing the demands of the masses. Technologies that we used to neglect or take for granted are really proving to be a boon in these tough times. We rely on such technologies to get through this calamity which has really been the main incentive behind their rise in demand throughout the world.

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